Quit touching me!
photo by James Jones

W   h   o       I       A   m   

I am irreverent and frequently caffeinated. Legos are mandatory office decor. Belhaven Scottish Ale is a fine pub litmus test; however, Guinness is good for you. I learned that bagpipes can be used to evict your friends. (The trick, see, is to keep them as friends afterwards.) When in a foul mood I listen to heavy industrial music; after all, the artist was clearly having a worse day than me while in the recording studio. I scream at machines.

W   a   y   s       t   o       C   o   n   t   a   c   t       M   e   

P   e   r   s   o   n   a   l       S   t   u   f   f   

Sturgeon's Law
90% of everything is crap.
Coletti's Corollary to Sturgeon's Law
Sturgeon's Law is recursive.
Favorite Bheer
Belhaven Scottish Ale. Or Guinness. Or Hoegaarden.
Favorite Word
"Pedantic" because it's a word in whose meaning is demonstrated with its use.